Ganadería & Leche

SP Rural Roots

Program or project working areas

Coastal zone of Chiapas and Oaxaca

Program or project value chains


Overall Objetives

  1. Improve key business functions of the agricultural producer organization
  2. Improve the support provided by agricultural producer organizations to their members.
  3. Improve the access of agricultural producer organizations to market linkages.
  4. Improve the support ecosystem by strengthening micro, small and medium enterprises, agricultural producer organizations and the market system.

Number of target households

2772 families

Project donor

Summary of project successes to date

The most important of the actions promoted by the Accelerating Income project is to see producers adopting new technologies and generating a market incursion that allows them to reduce the income gap, in addition to strengthening commercial collaboration networks through high quality production.

  • Average income exceeded the LIB
  • 73.7 % of families in stratum C
  • 74 Master Trainer
  • Joint work with 22 FPOs
  • 16 savings banks installed