SP Rural Roots

Program or project working areas

5 Municipalities of the Central Valleys of the State of Oaxaca, Mex.

(San Lorenzo Albarradas, Santo Domingo Albarradas, Santa Cruz Mixtepec, San Miguel Mixtepec, Ocotlan de Morelos)

Program or project value chains

Agave, Mezcal, Sheep, Poultry, Swine and Vegetables

Overall Objetives:

To improve the income and livelihoods of families in the Central Valleys region of the state of Oaxaca, through the parallel implementation of a productive and commercial agave strategy with community development projects, developing agroecological production processes, productive diversification and backyard activities.

Project period (calendar years)

Fase 1 2022-2023
Fase 2 2023-2024

Number of target households

225 families

Project donor

Primary implementing partners

Summary of project successes to date

  • Capacity building for the population served in business development, agro-ecological production systems, management of savings banks, community organization, productive diversification, health, among others.
  • Integration of revolving funds for a community nursery and a community palenque.
  • Improving the infrastructure of the community palenque with a view to certification in accordance with Mexican Official Standards.
  • Incorporation of equipment for the treatment of waste from the mezcal industry with circular economy schemes.
  • Alliances with higher education and research institutions for specialized technical assistance and health campaigns.
  • Alliances with mezcal marketing companies to plant plantations with an agroecological model and to guarantee the market for the production obtained.
  • Alliances with NGOs, Federal and State Governments to develop a plan for scalability of the strategy.
  • Promote a plantation traceability program with good practices.